10 Ways Being A Mom Is Like Being On A Soap Opera

June 28, 2015

Just think about it, the intrigue, the mystery, the fake tears. 

1. Someone is always losing their mind at a very convenient time: "Who dumped the whole bottle of hair gel in the bath tub?"  "I don't know"

2. Someone is always coming back from the dead: Barbie's head pops off and mom fixes it. A stuffed dog gets a leg ripped off and loses stuffing all the way up the stairs. Toys that I am certain I have thrown in the trash magically appear back on the kitchen table. They all come back!!!! 

3.Every day is filled with intrigue: Who colored on the floor? What is that smell in the fridge? Where is the baby?

4. If there is a secret it isn't going to be kept for long. "Dad we got you a surprise for Father's Day but mom said not to tell you that it's a fishing pole!!"

5. Characters tend to talk to themselves: I walk around narrating my day to my captive audience because it helps me remember what I walked in the room to get, and not because I think millions of people want to know if  in fact I did find the sippy cup, but you know, same difference. 

6.Someone gets possessed: The teething baby, The Big Boys when their lego creations break, Sister when she has to wake up before 9 in the morning.  

7. There is a crime on a daily basis and everyone denies being the perpetrator: Why are Daddy's contacts in the toilet?! "I didn't do it", "Me Either"

8.There is always a dramatic exit with stomping and tears for absolutely no reason.  
"What's today" 
"I HATE MONDAY!!!!!!" 

9. There is a love triangle: With 4 kids it seems that I am always in the middle of the crazy love. Who is sitting by me when we are reading stories, who is "helping" me do dishes. Lots of crazy love here. :)

10. People disappear from their beds in the middle of the night: Then reappear next to your bed asking for water at 2 in the morning.

See our day is positively filled with drama and mystery!