March 11, 2015

 Colton turned 7 today. SEVEN. How did we even get here!!
Wasn't this just yesterday??!! How sweet is this little happy boy on his first birthday, and yes this is Colton, not Archer. :)  Seven years has gone so quick but he is still the sweetest boy I know. Colty my love you have a heart of gold, and a sweet, gentle spirit. You are the best big brother your sister and brothers could of asked for, you are helpful, caring, and just a little bit ornery just like all big brothers should be. :) From day one you have been my everything, and made my heart skip a beat, I love you more than you know sweet boy. Happy Happy Birthday my love!

Your last night as a 6 year old, you and Buddy tucked in tight. :)

And just like that he turns seven. Today might have been my favorite birthday he has had. He was so excited to be so big!!

We surprised him for lunch at school and then went out to recess with him. It was so fun to see him playing basketball and showing us pretty amazing tricks that only 1st grade boys can do. :)

I came back and got to watch him do show-n-tell and beam with pride as he showed off his pine wood derby trophy. 

Then his sweet class sang him happy birthday, and his teacher even ended the song by popping a balloon full of glitter over his head!

Walking around the school to drop off treats to other teachers I was so impressed by all the kiddos who stopped him to say happy birthday! Kiddos his age, middle schoolers, even a few high school kids had a high five for him. He was beaming with pride anytime anyone would say happy birthday, and I got to witness first had what great kiddos our school has in it! 

After school it was time for the family to come over so we could party and Nana made him an awesome lego cake!!

Papa and Bunny surprised him with his own pocket knife,

it was a hit! 

And Buddy got a brother. He has been needing one I guess so I'm glad we could surprise Colt and Buddy. :)

Love him. 

The nerf gun target was a huge hit! Lots of laughs this evening watching the kiddos try and hit the targets. 

Bless my heart. 

I put the other three kids down for bed and let the birthday boy stay up to play his new tablet and when I came upstairs this boy about took my breath away. He looks so big, and long, and grown up sitting there playing his game with Buddy and Buddy's brother. :) 
Goodness I love this boy!!!!
Happy Birthday Colton