February 13, 2015

I decided I needed to start the blog back up. Looking back it has been such a great scrapbook to remember every day life. Things seem to be happening so quickly here that I don't want to miss it! This week along Junebug had kindergarten round up and the baby is crawling!!!! 
So I think I will start off with some updated family pictures. We are so lucky that Miss Stacie fits us in each year and time and time again I am so impressed with her work! 
So here is my sweet sweet herd of babes, enjoy!

Mr. Hunter

Kota Bear

Archer (Archie, the baby,)

Miss. Junebug

Junebug kind of stole the show during this photo session. 

This girl, such a pistol but goodness she is sweet! 

I believe there is a special spot in heaven for mamas with 3 boys....or at least there should be. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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