Sister Sue.

March 21, 2014

Tonight the boys headed over to Nana's house to watch some basketball, Junebug has been in her pajamas all day and had no desire to change. So I decided we could have a girls date, mostly because I too had no desire to change out of sweatpants,  and she could pick anything she wanted to do.  
So she snuggled in and requested to watch Frozen for the 100th time today, so we watched, and sang, and had to rewind parts so we could practice the dance moves. 

For dinner she requested in true four year old fashion mac n cheese, applesauce, and chocolate milk. So we ate, and watched Frozen again.....(101 is now the times that move has been viewed today) :)

She begged for a bath in the big tub with her barbies. She had quite the conversation with them about "the new baby" and that "they could get a girl instead of a boy they just had to ask God".......poor little one is still adjusting to having another boy on the way. 

Then I took advantage of a boy-less house and did a face mask to which Junebug thought was hilarious and offered to help. :) She told me she liked this look better than make up.....thanks a lot sweet girl. 

So after the bath and facial the only logical option was to watch the movie Annie in mama's bed. 

So we ended the night just 2 curly haired girls talking about Annie's curls.  
(pay no attention to my "go to bed hair" it's the only way to sleep with all this hair!) 

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