March 29, 2014

Well I was meaning to write this yesterday but the day just got away from me. I can't believe that you are now 3. You have turned into quite an amazing little boy.  
You are now preschooler who eats like a horse, talks non stop, refuses to clean up because it makes you "dizzy", doesn't like loud noises but is by far are the loudest noise at our house, you climb everything, jump off everything and still make your mama worry.  

You wake up with a smile and amazing bedhead. 

You love Thomas the Train and Elmo.

Every morning when the big kids are at school you do the breakfast dishes for me. You are quite the little helper. 

Dishes keep you entertained for at least 45 minutes. Which is just enough time for me to get everything else cleaned up before I need to mop the floor....which is now covered in water. :)

You help make all the beds in the morning and make sure your brother and sister have their lovies placed sweetly on their pillows. 

You hate hair cuts. 

But are so handsome when they are over. 

You are a sweet little thing who likes to give his puppy a front row seat when watching Thomas, and you melt this mama's heart every day. Kota Bear we love you to the top of the moon! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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