Soccer, Party, Kites, oh my!

March 29, 2014

Today was a great day. Family in town, wonderful weather, delicious food. Today was a great day. 

Junebug and Mr.Hunter had their first soccer game. This was Junebug's first time playing and I was a little nervous for her. At practice it was about fifty fifty on if she was playing or crying so I wasn't sure how it would go.  

 But bless her heart she did amazing! She played the whole time with a smile on her face and even got a few kicks in! 

An action shot of the two. :)

Whenever Mr.Hunter was in Junebug was never to far from him. He promised her that he would keep her safe and bless his heart he did. 

Mr. Hunter has quite the game also, big guy even scored a goal! He loves soccer and it's so fun watching him play. 

She did just what he did, and ran right where he would run to.

When Mr. Hunter wasn't on the field little miss did just what he taught her and ran towards the ball. 

This boy just makes me melt. I still can't believe this is my baby! 

After soccer we all came to the house for Kota Bear's birthday party. 

We are going to have to get a bigger picnic table to fit two more cousins at. :)

Sweet Caroline :)

After the presents Grandpa brought out the kites and boy were they a hit! 

Kota Bear keeps very close tabs on Grandpa. They share a love of dirt and excavators, and pockets....Well Kota Bear loves pockets and Grandpa will gladly hold one of Kota's many treasures he finds in his pocket. 

It was beautiful out today. 

When it came time to sing Happy Birthday Kota Bear got a little shy, but was all smiles when it was time to eat. 

I believe Kota Bear agrees it was a good day. So good that all of my babies fell asleep by 7:15 and The Hubby and I ate this delicious left over Thomas cake for supper. 
Today was a good day. 


Well I was meaning to write this yesterday but the day just got away from me. I can't believe that you are now 3. You have turned into quite an amazing little boy.  
You are now preschooler who eats like a horse, talks non stop, refuses to clean up because it makes you "dizzy", doesn't like loud noises but is by far are the loudest noise at our house, you climb everything, jump off everything and still make your mama worry.  

You wake up with a smile and amazing bedhead. 

You love Thomas the Train and Elmo.

Every morning when the big kids are at school you do the breakfast dishes for me. You are quite the little helper. 

Dishes keep you entertained for at least 45 minutes. Which is just enough time for me to get everything else cleaned up before I need to mop the floor....which is now covered in water. :)

You help make all the beds in the morning and make sure your brother and sister have their lovies placed sweetly on their pillows. 

You hate hair cuts. 

But are so handsome when they are over. 

You are a sweet little thing who likes to give his puppy a front row seat when watching Thomas, and you melt this mama's heart every day. Kota Bear we love you to the top of the moon! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Sister Sue.

March 21, 2014

Tonight the boys headed over to Nana's house to watch some basketball, Junebug has been in her pajamas all day and had no desire to change. So I decided we could have a girls date, mostly because I too had no desire to change out of sweatpants,  and she could pick anything she wanted to do.  
So she snuggled in and requested to watch Frozen for the 100th time today, so we watched, and sang, and had to rewind parts so we could practice the dance moves. 

For dinner she requested in true four year old fashion mac n cheese, applesauce, and chocolate milk. So we ate, and watched Frozen again.....(101 is now the times that move has been viewed today) :)

She begged for a bath in the big tub with her barbies. She had quite the conversation with them about "the new baby" and that "they could get a girl instead of a boy they just had to ask God".......poor little one is still adjusting to having another boy on the way. 

Then I took advantage of a boy-less house and did a face mask to which Junebug thought was hilarious and offered to help. :) She told me she liked this look better than make up.....thanks a lot sweet girl. 

So after the bath and facial the only logical option was to watch the movie Annie in mama's bed. 

So we ended the night just 2 curly haired girls talking about Annie's curls.  
(pay no attention to my "go to bed hair" it's the only way to sleep with all this hair!) 

We are back!!!

March 5, 2014

I don't know who actually even looks at this little blog anymore but if you do you will be happy to know that we are back! 
I didn't mean to take such a long break but with moving, kiddos starting school, and a new baby on the way things have just gotten away from me. 
Tonight I was looking at old pictures and videos of my babies and couldn't believe how big everyone has gotten, and then I realized that I wasn't taking that many pictures anymore. :( So I decided to start the blog once again and pick my camera back up! 

So for a quick recap this is "The Herd". 

Junebug is now 4 and just as sassy as ever. 

Mr. Hunter will be 6 on Tuesday! 

Kota Bear will be 3 at the end of this month!! 

And for those of you who don't know we will be adding another little boy to our Herd in July. :)

So hold on tight and I promise I will be back soon with another update!!!!