Round two

September 3, 2013

We had another big day in the Herd household today. Junebug started preschool!

She was so excited. She was ready, she knew what she was going to play, what she was going to learn, and what job she thought she should have. Thankfully she has the same teacher Mr. Hunter had last year so Miss. Heather was ready for all that is my sassy little Junebug. :)

Future so bright she has to wear shades. :) 

On last picture at Nana's house before we left for school. 

Right about here she told me her tummy hurt. :( I assured her she was fine but she was pretty sure she needed to ditch school and head to the doctor. 

Once we got in there she was good to go. Thank goodness! Junebug either does something or she doesn't there is no in between so I was very glad that she decided it would be OK! :)  

She looks like such a big kid!!

Now I didn't stay the whole time, mostly because she told me not to! :) However I did have a few people keeping an eye on her. My friend Ani, who is also the speech path, kept me posted on Junebug's morning. 
Look at Junebug sitting like a pro at circle time. :)

Once I got this picture I knew sissy was going to do fine! When I picked her up at 11 she told me that the best part of her day was the pink cookie she ate, and that they had a play washing machine. She also told me she has two new best friends that she plays dolls with but she can't remember their names. :) 

Tomorrow both Junebug and Mr. Hunter will be at school. The first day both will be gone....I think I'm more sad about that then each of their first days!!! So tomorrow Kota bear and I have the whole morning together just the two of us, if you get a chance say a little prayer for the little man...he is going to be lost without his bubba and sissy!! 

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  1. She looks so little and grown up and perfect all at once!
    Your sister:)