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August 27, 2013

Sorry for the blogging break. It has been a crazy summer, packing to move to our new house :), swimming lessons, fishing, and even a trip to the er, but more on all that later. Right now I need to talk about the fact that this sweet faced first born child of mine goes to kindergarten tomorrow. Kindergarten. All day, with out a nap, 8:05am until 3:45pm, ALL DAY.  I kinda want to puke. I know he will be in amazing hands and i even get
 to volunteer in his class a couple days a week so it won't be to horrible. However he is still going to kindergarten. How in the world did that happen? 

This evening we had our first ever "night before school starts party" (thanks amanda for the idea!! :)). So Mr. Hunter picked the menu: pigs in a blanket, mac-n-cheese, and peas. Is that not the most 5 year old boy meal that you have ever heard! We even had a special cake that said " Colton is a T-Bird!". He is very excited to be a thunderbird just like this daddy and uncles were. At supper he told me he would go to kindergarten for 5 days, and then he would go to high school and play football......ummmm no little 

So before bed tonight I snapped a couple of pictures of my 5 year old kindergarten boy. 

Opening up his back to school surprise. 

He got special magic confetti to help him sleep and a new lovie.

His clothes are all laid out, and back pack is ready, so I guess we are really doing this.....I guess...because it would be kidnapping if I just kept driving and didn't drop him off......or is it still kidnapping if it's your own child....
Tomorrow I guess I will either blog about kindergarten or.... if it actually is kidnapping. :)
Please say a little prayer for us, it is going to be an emotional day!!!

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