April 13, 2013

I am soooo far behind!!! This poor little blog has been a little forgotten but hopefully I can get back on track. So here is the craziness that was March at our house!

We started March out by celebrating Sweet Caroline's 3rd Birthday!!! I can't believe she is already 3!!!

Auntie Libby made this for Sweet Caroline, Junebug put in her request in for one right away! 

They were up to something...I just don't remember what. Maybe planning a snowball attack. :)

One afternoon it was nice enough to play outside in some mud puddles. 

My kids really like mud. :)

She was showing me how to be a "mud fairy."

Love these little mud monsters. 

We eventually had to move on to the big mud puddles. The little one just wasn't cutting it. 

We also brought the big guns out. :)

Then this boy turned 5. How that was possible I have no idea.

He asked his Nana to make him a batman cake. So she did. :)

Then we had a joint birthday for Mr. Hunter and Kota Bear. Nana made them a cake and very sweetly made Junebug and Sweet Caroline their very only "sleeping Judy" cake. :)

"Sister Cousins"

Birthday Boys opening gifts. 

I can't believe my baby is getting so big!!!

If you come to my house and something of yours goes missing, I can promise you Kota Bear has it in this "grandpa truck". 

Mr. Hunter got his very own T-Bird hat since next year he will be a Kindergartner!!! He is very excited to be a Thunderbird like his daddy was. 

He looks like a teenager!!! Ugh. I can't believe he is 5! 
Kota Bear also got a hat but he was running non stop and I couldn't get a picture. 

Finally at the end of the month we had our last March birthday. Kota Bear turned 2!

And Nana made him a cake that was all Kota Bear! 

Sleeping as a big 2 year old. 

And then it was Easter. My camera was dead so this was the only picture I got, but I can promise you it was a wonderful Easter. 

That was our March. The very condensed version of March, but March non the less.