What a Difference a Week Makes.

February 22, 2013

Last week Kota Bear was sick. Really, Really sick. After an ER trip Monday night and a phone calls to the doctor Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday we wound up in Community Care getting IV's. What a way for my sweet baby to spend Valentines Day. :(

Once he woke up from his nap he seemed to be much better. I thought we had our baby back but  by the time we got home, he crashed again. 

Poor baby spent the rest of the day/night sick, cuddling with anyone or thing he could snuggle up to. 

Friday we were admitted into the hospital for more IV's.

After cuddles with daddy and a good night's sleep things were looking a little better come Saturday morning. 

Bless his heart even sick he wakes up happy. 

He was such a good little boy!! The thought of a not yet 2 year old with an iv confined to a hospital bed made me almost need a "mommy iv" :), but he was such a trooper! He hung out in his bed playing trucks and reading books, flirted with all the nurses, and even knew the drill when they came to check vitals lifting his little finger up to check oxygen, raising his arm to check his temp. He was amazing and as much as I missed my other two munchkins it was nice to have some special time with little Kota Bear, even if it was in a hospital bed.  

Nana and Granny Great brought Mr. Hunter and Junebug up for a visit. Mr. Hunter was very worried about his brother and extremely concerned with the fact he has a needle in his arm. Junebug was just annoyed that he had a balloon and she didn't. :) silly girl. 
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Nana, Grandpa, Granny Great, Bunny, and Papa for taking care of Mr. Hunter and Junebug. The kids had a blast and I don't think even missed their mama and daddy not being around much. :)

By Sunday Kota Bear was feeling much better and back to his ornery self! 
After all the test were run and everything was said and done it came back that he was severely dehydrated due to having rotavirus. Just in case any of you are curious yes rotavirus is something kids get vaccinated for, and yes Kota Bear had been vaccinated/current on shots. How he got it I have no idea but I just pray we never EVER get it again. 

On Monday, Kota Bear's first day back home, Mr. Hunter made a special welcome home fort complete with glow sticks. :)

Little man was happy to be home and even managed to get some horsey rides from big brother. 

Complete with a couple bucking bronco moves. 

He also was able to work a back rub out of Mr. Hunter. 

He was so happy to be home, we all were happy he was home! 

Quickly our week turned from being stuck in a hospital room to snowed in at home. Which is just what we need! 
My little snow babies

She was a little excited. 

So was he. 

Tuesday night the snow started to fall and boy were these kids excited Wednesday morning when Daddy and Mr. Hunter had stay home days!!!

We have spent our "snowcation" just hanging out as a family. Playing in the snow, reading books, playing games, making cookies, and I am happy to report that I have ate my weight in potato soup and homemade bread. It was not an easy task but my mama didn't raise no quitter. :)

Snow on country roads is the best. 

There was also a bunch of basketball watching........

........a ton of it. 

Today we had some snow ice cream for lunch. 

Which was a huge hit. Mr. Hunter couldn't believe we didn't have to have a vegetable.  He is a goofy boy. 

Then this afternoon we headed up to Nana's house to "do chores" as Mr. Hunter put it. 

I love him, and the fact that he knows I can't do snow days without chocolate chip cookies, or diet dr.pepper. He came though on both. 

Right now my babies are sleeping, and I have a diet dr. pepper, and this Friday night is much better than a week ago.