January 28, 2013

Sorry for to all of you who read this little blog of mine, I didn't mean for it to be so quite. :( Nothing to exciting has been happening here just life. So just to show you how boring we are around here , and how much you aren't missing this was our Monday. :)

Junebug was sick today so we didn't make it to bible study or story time instead while we were killing time waiting for Mr. Hunter to get out of school we hung out at the car wash. Junebug loves the car wash.

Kota Bear....not so much.

At all. 

So to make up for the car wash i gave the kids ring pops. 

I'm fairly certain Kota Bear forgives me for the car wash. :)

The doctor was able to fit Junebug in today, bronchitis. :( Yes she wore her shades the whole time..

While we were waiting for her prescription to get filled she found her very own "Caroline" which of course came home with us.

While Junebug and I were at the doctor Mr. Hunter was busy at Nana's House getting some sweet patches on his pants. Here he was showing me his monster face. 

This has been hours of entertainment tonight.

The boys love it. Junebug and I don't quite understand.

Things that make toot noises are funny to this guy.

Fast forward through the rest of the night to 9pm when Kota Bear fell off his big boy bed. (oh yeah he isn't in the crib anymore....he broke two rungs out with his bare hands!!!). and now at 9:25pm I have a sweetie cuddling close, end of the day hair, leftover make up, and a blog being typed one handed.
That was our monday.
Peace. :)