Round two

September 3, 2013

We had another big day in the Herd household today. Junebug started preschool!

She was so excited. She was ready, she knew what she was going to play, what she was going to learn, and what job she thought she should have. Thankfully she has the same teacher Mr. Hunter had last year so Miss. Heather was ready for all that is my sassy little Junebug. :)

Future so bright she has to wear shades. :) 

On last picture at Nana's house before we left for school. 

Right about here she told me her tummy hurt. :( I assured her she was fine but she was pretty sure she needed to ditch school and head to the doctor. 

Once we got in there she was good to go. Thank goodness! Junebug either does something or she doesn't there is no in between so I was very glad that she decided it would be OK! :)  

She looks like such a big kid!!

Now I didn't stay the whole time, mostly because she told me not to! :) However I did have a few people keeping an eye on her. My friend Ani, who is also the speech path, kept me posted on Junebug's morning. 
Look at Junebug sitting like a pro at circle time. :)

Once I got this picture I knew sissy was going to do fine! When I picked her up at 11 she told me that the best part of her day was the pink cookie she ate, and that they had a play washing machine. She also told me she has two new best friends that she plays dolls with but she can't remember their names. :) 

Tomorrow both Junebug and Mr. Hunter will be at school. The first day both will be gone....I think I'm more sad about that then each of their first days!!! So tomorrow Kota bear and I have the whole morning together just the two of us, if you get a chance say a little prayer for the little man...he is going to be lost without his bubba and sissy!! 


August 28, 2013

Well we did it! We made it through the first day of kindergarten!!!! It was hard, and I even got to hang out the whole day! Darn you first day of kindergarten you sure pull on a mama's heartstrings. 

Getting ready to head out. My camera is busted so all these pictures are from my phone, sorry. :(

Kota Bear was not ready for Mr.Hunter to leave, and needed a "pack pack' just like him. 

They are just to adorable! 

One last quick picture with mama at nana's house before we left. 

At Mr. Hunter's school the first 3 days of kindergarten the 2 classes of students and switch back and forth between the teachers that way they can see who fits better in which class. They spent the day doing different activities at different centers a guess what, this mama got to work a center! Oh yes folks, in true helicopter mom fashion I not only got to stay the first day of kindergarten but i get to stay and help the next two days also. For the record i was asked to help. I didn't beg them to let me help, or bribe them, nor did I beat someone up and steal their name tag just so i could stay....although that last one did cross my mind.
Helicopter mom's unite! :)
The official drop off wasn't horrible. I could not however speak to my friend, who's little boy is in Mr.Hunters class, for fear of having a complete meltdown. Mr. Hunter only had one little teary part but he was very quick to turn it around and have fun with his friends. 

Mr.Hunter's favorite part of the day was lunch, which was also what he was most nervous about. They all looked so cute hauling their trays to the table, half of them couldn't even see over the lunch counter. Completely adorable. 

Mr. Hunter was also pumped he got to have 3 recesses, PE, music class, and a snack and he gets that every day. It was a very LONG day but it was a good one. I still can't believe that he is old enough for this but i am so proud that he is handling it so much better than his mama! 

Now next week Junebug goes to preschool, i will have 2 kids in school! I really want to puke now. So be prepared for another weepy post about this mama not being ready to let her kids grow up!! :)

i'm back!!

August 27, 2013

Sorry for the blogging break. It has been a crazy summer, packing to move to our new house :), swimming lessons, fishing, and even a trip to the er, but more on all that later. Right now I need to talk about the fact that this sweet faced first born child of mine goes to kindergarten tomorrow. Kindergarten. All day, with out a nap, 8:05am until 3:45pm, ALL DAY.  I kinda want to puke. I know he will be in amazing hands and i even get
 to volunteer in his class a couple days a week so it won't be to horrible. However he is still going to kindergarten. How in the world did that happen? 

This evening we had our first ever "night before school starts party" (thanks amanda for the idea!! :)). So Mr. Hunter picked the menu: pigs in a blanket, mac-n-cheese, and peas. Is that not the most 5 year old boy meal that you have ever heard! We even had a special cake that said " Colton is a T-Bird!". He is very excited to be a thunderbird just like this daddy and uncles were. At supper he told me he would go to kindergarten for 5 days, and then he would go to high school and play football......ummmm no little 

So before bed tonight I snapped a couple of pictures of my 5 year old kindergarten boy. 

Opening up his back to school surprise. 

He got special magic confetti to help him sleep and a new lovie.

His clothes are all laid out, and back pack is ready, so I guess we are really doing this.....I guess...because it would be kidnapping if I just kept driving and didn't drop him off......or is it still kidnapping if it's your own child....
Tomorrow I guess I will either blog about kindergarten or.... if it actually is kidnapping. :)
Please say a little prayer for us, it is going to be an emotional day!!!


April 13, 2013

I am soooo far behind!!! This poor little blog has been a little forgotten but hopefully I can get back on track. So here is the craziness that was March at our house!

We started March out by celebrating Sweet Caroline's 3rd Birthday!!! I can't believe she is already 3!!!

Auntie Libby made this for Sweet Caroline, Junebug put in her request in for one right away! 

They were up to something...I just don't remember what. Maybe planning a snowball attack. :)

One afternoon it was nice enough to play outside in some mud puddles. 

My kids really like mud. :)

She was showing me how to be a "mud fairy."

Love these little mud monsters. 

We eventually had to move on to the big mud puddles. The little one just wasn't cutting it. 

We also brought the big guns out. :)

Then this boy turned 5. How that was possible I have no idea.

He asked his Nana to make him a batman cake. So she did. :)

Then we had a joint birthday for Mr. Hunter and Kota Bear. Nana made them a cake and very sweetly made Junebug and Sweet Caroline their very only "sleeping Judy" cake. :)

"Sister Cousins"

Birthday Boys opening gifts. 

I can't believe my baby is getting so big!!!

If you come to my house and something of yours goes missing, I can promise you Kota Bear has it in this "grandpa truck". 

Mr. Hunter got his very own T-Bird hat since next year he will be a Kindergartner!!! He is very excited to be a Thunderbird like his daddy was. 

He looks like a teenager!!! Ugh. I can't believe he is 5! 
Kota Bear also got a hat but he was running non stop and I couldn't get a picture. 

Finally at the end of the month we had our last March birthday. Kota Bear turned 2!

And Nana made him a cake that was all Kota Bear! 

Sleeping as a big 2 year old. 

And then it was Easter. My camera was dead so this was the only picture I got, but I can promise you it was a wonderful Easter. 

That was our March. The very condensed version of March, but March non the less.