Happy Birthday Junebug!!!

December 29, 2012

Today Junebug turned 3. How that is possible I have no idea but she did. :) It was a day that was very much Junebug. There was barbies, and babies, and all things pink and purple and best of yet all of her family. 
Junebug had been needing some cousin/sister time. It's hard work taking care of two brothers. 

The best picture I got of all 4 kids. 

She loves her Bubba. 

Cousins singing songs. 

Chillin watching a movie and having lunch.

Kota Bear. :)

After a fun morning with Sweet Caroline it was time to open presents. 

Nana had a BIG surprise for Junebug!!

Nana made her, her very own Cinderella dress. 

She had a lot of love for Nana. :)

My sweet girl! How is she 3?!

More presents, she was very spoiled today. So blessed she has so many people who love her!

The final surprise was this huge horse, which she named Sally, that she has been wanting.

She was very excited. 

Kota Bear introducing Sally the Horse to his Dog Abby, or Millie depending on which child you ask. :)

Singing happy birthday. 

She was very excited to see her cake that Nana made. It was a hit and tasted delicious! 

Love her. 

Ending the day with a custom made princess dress, new pony, cake and a princess crown makes for a very fabulous birthday.

Junebug you are becoming such an amazing little girl! You love all things princess, pink, and purple, and have brought some much needed girly touches to our house full of dump trucks, bugs, and camo. However you can play in the mud with the best of just might be in a pretty dress, or a crown. You are a little mama and I often hear phrases that I say coming out of that sweet little mouth of yours. "Bubba you just worry about you" or "Is that how we play with our toys?" are just a few that we hear during a day. You are always keeping me on my toes and are quick to give a manicure when ever mama needs one. :) You are such a sweet blessing in our life and I am so grateful God chose me to be your mama, I love you sweet Junebug, to the top of the moon. 

 Junebug you are a blessing in disguise, daddy never thought that pink and camo could mix so well and didn't think that i would ever have a little princess to dress it in.  You are blossoming into a beautiful little girl and i am glad that you share my love of flowers and gardening.  I never expected to be able to name all the Disney princesses but you have made that possible.  I love and am glad that there is a little princess in my life. Love you,


  1. Looks like a great day!
    She is growing up so fast.

  2. what a sweetheart! happy 3rd birthday. :)