Jingle the Elf

November 30, 2012

This year we had a special little elf come visit us. The kiddos decided to name him Jingle, and I tell you what Jingle is a pretty powerful elf. He has cut the back talking and hitting down by half! :) 

No, but really Jingle has been a fun little holiday tradition and the kids have come running out of their room each morning to see where he is. 
This was the first morning. Reading his story to some new friends. 

Tuesday Jingle took some friends on a train ride. Jingle has very good social skills. He likes to mingle with all the social groups that live at our house. He likes to keep his options open. You know the "pretty princess girls", the "Meat eating dinosaurs", the "baby toys". He likes to be able to move freely from group to group. 

On Wednesday he decided to take some alone time and reflect on the job at hand.  It appears as though the stress of the herd may have been to much..... i'm afraid he was ready to jump. Thankfully we found him in time and I was able to talk him off the ledge. 

Come Thursday things seemed to be OK. Jingle's appetite was back and we found him munching on a cookie and drinking some green milk.......To which we had another surprise when we opened the fridge and the jug of milk was green. So then I spent the rest of the day begging my kids to drink the green milk to which they refused.....Well played Jingle....Well Played.

 Finally Friday we woke up to Jingle being a little mischievous. The kids thought drawings on their faces were hilarious...and now I have had to hide all the markers since there was more than one attempt to make this their everyday look. ;)

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