End of summer November.

November 13, 2012

Here is a 60 second recap before I need to make lunch. :)

We finished the summer up by going to the lake....

and walks with papa,

and toes in the river,

and sisters in the river,

and Auntie Libby back from Ireland and her feet back in a Kansas river,

and knees in the river

and naps in the woods,

and first day of Preschool,

and pictures by Nana's tree,

and circle time with old friends

and a new teacher,
and naps,

and Mr. Hunter's "awesome like my dad" shirt,

and acting like this daddy ;),

and throwing rocks in the Meade Lake,

and dresses in mud,

and a baby who isn't so much of a baby anymore,

and mornings outside with my loves,

and rockers

and a princess picking flowers,

and my big kid "being brave", :)

and tea parties.

And that was a very quick end of summer recap. 

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