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November 27, 2012

I finally had an evening to sit down and blog about the last little bit of fall, thanksgiving, and the beginning of Christmas. So hopefully now I will be able to do a weekly blog....We have a special elf "Jingle" that i will need to keep you updated on. :)

So back before Halloween we took the family to the always wonderful pumpkin patch. 

Kota Bear thought this goat was great! 

Yes she wore a dress to the pumpkin patch (surprise, surprise I know), and yes she spent most of the time showing random people how she could twirl. 

I love this handsome man. 

And I love this handsome boy. 

Mr. Hunter got to go back a week later with his preschool class. 

He looks so old to me in this can he be going to kindergarten next year?

For Halloween this year we had Elmo, Rapunzel, and Batman. All very cute if I do say so myself. 

I tried very, 



hard to get a picture of the 3 of them....this is the best I got. :)

Santa and his reindeer came to town.

as you can see they were very impressed. (haha)

After thanksgiving we took a little walk around the park looking at the lights. 

And finally we met up with my side of the family to hang out with all the cousins. 
Junebug (2 ) Sweet Caroline (2 ) Mr. Hunter (4) Awesome (2 almost 3) Kota Bear (1 1/2) and finally Baby Anna (1), or "The happy baby" according to Junebug. That was a wonderful evening with lots of giggling, and eating. :)

And now we are finally up to date....HOPEFULLY I can keep it that way. :)

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