Jingle the Elf

November 30, 2012

This year we had a special little elf come visit us. The kiddos decided to name him Jingle, and I tell you what Jingle is a pretty powerful elf. He has cut the back talking and hitting down by half! :) 

No, but really Jingle has been a fun little holiday tradition and the kids have come running out of their room each morning to see where he is. 
This was the first morning. Reading his story to some new friends. 

Tuesday Jingle took some friends on a train ride. Jingle has very good social skills. He likes to mingle with all the social groups that live at our house. He likes to keep his options open. You know the "pretty princess girls", the "Meat eating dinosaurs", the "baby toys". He likes to be able to move freely from group to group. 

On Wednesday he decided to take some alone time and reflect on the job at hand.  It appears as though the stress of the herd may have been to much..... i'm afraid he was ready to jump. Thankfully we found him in time and I was able to talk him off the ledge. 

Come Thursday things seemed to be OK. Jingle's appetite was back and we found him munching on a cookie and drinking some green milk.......To which we had another surprise when we opened the fridge and the jug of milk was green. So then I spent the rest of the day begging my kids to drink the green milk to which they refused.....Well played Jingle....Well Played.

 Finally Friday we woke up to Jingle being a little mischievous. The kids thought drawings on their faces were hilarious...and now I have had to hide all the markers since there was more than one attempt to make this their everyday look. ;)

Camera Dump

November 27, 2012

I finally had an evening to sit down and blog about the last little bit of fall, thanksgiving, and the beginning of Christmas. So hopefully now I will be able to do a weekly blog....We have a special elf "Jingle" that i will need to keep you updated on. :)

So back before Halloween we took the family to the always wonderful pumpkin patch. 

Kota Bear thought this goat was great! 

Yes she wore a dress to the pumpkin patch (surprise, surprise I know), and yes she spent most of the time showing random people how she could twirl. 

I love this handsome man. 

And I love this handsome boy. 

Mr. Hunter got to go back a week later with his preschool class. 

He looks so old to me in this can he be going to kindergarten next year?

For Halloween this year we had Elmo, Rapunzel, and Batman. All very cute if I do say so myself. 

I tried very, 



hard to get a picture of the 3 of them....this is the best I got. :)

Santa and his reindeer came to town.

as you can see they were very impressed. (haha)

After thanksgiving we took a little walk around the park looking at the lights. 

And finally we met up with my side of the family to hang out with all the cousins. 
Junebug (2 ) Sweet Caroline (2 ) Mr. Hunter (4) Awesome (2 almost 3) Kota Bear (1 1/2) and finally Baby Anna (1), or "The happy baby" according to Junebug. That was a wonderful evening with lots of giggling, and eating. :)

And now we are finally up to date....HOPEFULLY I can keep it that way. :)

Family Pictures

November 13, 2012

The other weekend we had some family pictures by the wonderful Miss Stacie Strong. She did a wonderful job and the pictures turned out completely amazing!!! 
Now I feel like I need to post a little explanation about the outfit choice for the pictures this year, and that would be that it is all Nana's fault. :) She made Miss Junebug an adorable princess dress. A dress that apparently had magical powers and made Junebug completely come to life and just sparkle. (normally she can be a little know when like when she hasn't had enough sleep, or too much sleep, or she isn't wearing enough know things like that) But this dress just made her happy and she wanted to show it off to everyone. So instead of doing those adorable pictures where everyone is wearing a coordinating grey with a pop or purple for the girls and a blue for the boys (can you tell I already had it planned out) we went a different route. 

Junebug was going to wear her dress because we needed her to be happy and that dress holds the power. Our pictures were at 9 in the morning and Junebug likes to wake up closer to 9:30 and needs to have her coffee before anyone can talk to her. :) So we were already going to have a strike against us so she wore her dress. I then wanted the boys to wear something that represented them. Mr. Hunter was honest to his name and chose to wear a camo hunting shirt, and we decided for my wheel lovin boy Kota Bear would still keep the grey and blue theme his mama had wanted and wear his car hat that Granny Great made him. 
For those who care I did make The Hubby coordinate with me and we (I) chose brown....cause frankly what else goes with a princess dress, camo shirt, and a car hat?

And needless to say our pictures turned out PERFECT. I am in love with the fact that 10, 20 years from now when I look back at these pictures I will remember the sweet dress that Junebug wouldn't take off, the fact that Mr. Hunter shares that same love as his daddy, and that sweet Kota Bear loves all things with wheels. 

We also decided to take pictures with the other members of our family. :) 

Junebug and Honey Bunny a match made in Heaven.

Kota Bear and his blanky that Granny Great made.

Mr. Hunter and Buddy :)

Stacie we LOVE our pictures!!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!!