2nd Annual Camping Trip (finally)

October 26, 2012

I know y'all have been about to jump out of your skin waitin for this post on our camping trip! haha. Ok maybe not, but my sisters keep bugging me about it so I decided it was finally time to do it. :)

So lets do a quick recap. In September the whole fam damly decided to go to The Little Apple and have a family camping trip. The Hubby, kids, and I went up Thursday, before the rest of the family came up friday. The goal was to get up there early and have a little mini vaca day with just our Herd. Well the getting up there early thing didn't quite happen. By the time we got there it was dark, the kids were cranky and mama needed a drink. So while the hubby put the tent up in the dark the I tried to entertain the babies in the truck. The same truck we just rode 3 hours in. Nobody wanted to be in the truck. I tired to hang out with them outside but I kept losing them so back in the truck we went. 

I would like to take this time to apologize to my parents for every time I didn't do anything expect sit on the picnic table where they told  me to while we were camping, having a campfire, standing outside by a large tree. I am amazed that you never lost one of us.......or maybe you did......Is that why i look nothing like my sister?! Did you really lose your actual middle daughter and just grabbing the next kid that was lost in the dark......That explains so much. 

Anyway we tired to hang out in the car but it's wasn't going well. Finally The Hubby had the tent ready so we transferred our mass chaos to the confinement of a tent. Which was actually much nicer. :)

We read books

Junebug showed off Hunny Bunny.

Kota Bear had a little trippy moment with the glow stick.

Junebug finally cracked from lack of sleep. 

I finally cracked and let them watch cartoons on my phone. I know that is a total non-camping thing to do but it had to be done. 

Finally Auntie Libby came bringing Arby's chicken baskets and cheese dip and all was right in the world. Well almost, Junebug as you can see in the background, out of pure excitement of seeing Auntie Libby lost her clothes, we quickly reigned her back in....and after that display she isn't allowed to go to college anymore.   
We survived our first night and were ready to go the next morning. 

We hit up the children's museum.

Which was awesome. 

Bunny and Papa made it and we ended up the night around the campfire listening to papa play his harmonica.

The next morning everyone got up bright and early and got ready for a morning of fishing. 

Fishing boys. :) These two each caught a fish at the same time! 

Oh sweet Kota Bear, he would easily carry a fish around all day if we would let him. 

Finally Sweet Caroling showed up and all was right in the world. :)

Headed out for the first of many walks. 

These two crack me up. They act much more like sisters than cousins. :)

Bubbles with Bunny :)

Uncle Matt put in a lot of time playing soccer with Mr. Hunter. 

Kota Bear just likes being outside. 

Mr. Hunter teaching Kota Bear how to play soccer. 

Such a sweet big brother. 

I love all four of these babies to pieces!

Bunny and Papa rented cabins so it made cousin slumber parties much nicer.....and night time potty trips....those were much nicer too. 

The Hubby and Uncle Matt took Mr. Hunter out on his first canoe ride.

He loved it.

Then we celebrated Auntie Libby's, and baby Annalise's birthdays.

Anna and her Daddy.

Ok, I kinda got a little carried away with taking pictures of her but she was just to sweet not to!

"please" she wanted more cake :) Also notice how clean her face was for eating cake....

Now look at Kota Bear's....Papa was feeding him.

Mr. Hunter was quick to teach his little cousin all sorts of boy trick that I'm sure her mama would rather her not know. 

Then we ended another night by the campfire listening to papa play his harmonica. 

Thank goodness for the Ergo Carrier and Kota's Granny Great blanket. That is the only way Kota went to sleep the whole trip.
The next morning there was some major excitement, Mr. Hunter learned to climb a tree. It was a HUGE deal. :)

And finally one last picture of the whole group. It was a wonderful trip! :)