Long overdue, and a much needed redo.

September 30, 2012

I haven't forgotten this little blog of mine things have just been very busy around here. I promise a post with pictures coming soon but just to keep you interested we have had dove hunts, first day of school, pictures of every day at home, tea parties, and the 2nd annual Family Camping Trip. Which i promise to talk about soon but tonight i can't.

It has been a LOOONNNNNGGGG weekend with sick kids. Fevers of 104, rocking babies all night in the recliners, and coughs that seem to shake the windows. I'll be honest all that resulted in a pretty crappy mama. My poor babies have had to dodge the wrath of a crazy, hasn't showered, sleep deprived, sweatpants wearing, losing her mind mama. For those of you who need more of a visual just pictured a Mommy Dearest, not in a satin robe but a flannel one, and slightly less crazy....just wire hangers were involved. :)  

Being a mama is hard. Having kids is hard. Looking at everyones highlight reel on Facebook and realizing i still haven't showered is hard. I think someone should start a Mombook where we can only talk about how many times we have restarted the same load of clothes in the washer today (4). Or we could talk about the fact that tonight I fed the kids Eggo waffles, mandarin oranges, an enforced a 6:15pm bedtime. But until then I will just have to say a prayer and thank the good Lord that tomorrow is a new day, that i have 3 beautiful snotty nose babies who I love more than anything in this world, and that in this world someone created Lime-a-Rita's which is coming in as a close second. :)