Bikes, Dirt, & Fishing

August 4, 2012

Just a little snap shot of our weekend so far. 
Bikes at Relay for Life

Kota Bear playing in the dirt.

Putting fish in the pond. 

Love these two :-)

Saturday night fishing.

Love him

Love her

Love him

Beautiful evening

It has been horribly hot in Kansas. Like 115 degrees, but tonight it was only like 90 degrees so we decided it was perfect sweatshirt weather! 

It even rained on us a bit it, didn't last long but it still counts! 

Goofy girl

Fishing buddies 

Mr. Hunter was showing off his fish when Kota Bear grabbed it. 

He really likes fish. 

He loves fishing.



August 1, 2012

Its HOT out. I'm ready for fall...or snow...or hail...frankly i don't care what it is outside as long as I don't feel  like I am going to spontaneously combust as soon as I walk out the door.

Since my kids can't go outside without their mama melting into a giant pool of sweat we having been trying to stay busy indoors. So earlier this week we hit up the Wildlife Museum.

Any day that involves snakes and fish my children consider it a good day.

Here are some random swimming lesson pictures I forgot to post. 

He had a blast with Mr. Mitchell.

It took Kota Bear some time but he eventually warmed up and loved swimming lessons. 


In July The Hubby's uncle, (Uncle Cowboy) was bucked off his horse and injured pretty good. No worries he is doing much better and because our little town is so awesome they put together an auction to help with expenses. This is only a third of who attended! It was an awesome night!!

We are starting to run out of things to do inside so this weekend we decided to set up a fort.

Which was still up until yesterday. It was a hit. :-)

But now I don't know what else to do inside....the heat as melted my brain. 
If you don't hear from me again it's because I truly did combust. :-)