Sweet Summertime

July 18, 2012

I did it again.....I don't mean to let years go by without blogging!!! :-) Things have been busy this summer. I forgot to tell you all earlier that I resigned from Parents as Teachers at the end of June. It was a very, very tough decision to make. I truly loved doing that job and getting to help other mama's and their kids, but  the more I got to meet wonderful families the more I was being pulled from my own wonderful family. So as difficult as it was to decide, it has been absolutely perfect getting to truly be a stay at home mom. So to celebrate this new "job" the kids and I have jam packed these past few weeks!!

First Junebug and Sweet Caroline had a very big day when we packed up their binkies and they gave them to "Baby Kota", since they are now big girls. 

Kota getting his binkie mother load. He is in love with all his new pink binkies. :-)

In return Kota Bear had a little gift to give the girls. 

Yes Mr. Hunter is getting a new lovie for giving Kota a binkie.  No Mr. Hunter does not take a binkie anymore. However he very sweetly brought up the fact that when he pooped on his binkie and 1 more binkie  3 years ago that he didn't receive a new lovie. I had absolutely nothing to say back to that so he got a new lovie. 
On a side note the girls did fabulous and have not asked for a binkie since! Yay!

Next up we have the fourth of July which was spent with cousins in the pool. 

My babies miss cousin Leah and are very excited for her to return with sister Amy!

Kota Bear is finally getting a little belly on him!!! Sort of... :-)

After swimming there was a lot of bike riding and playing in the sand. 

Then it was time for supper and Kota Bear fully enjoyed Granny Great's red hot jello. I feel the exact same way about this jello. 

Pistol......that is all I have to say about this one. :-)

Safety first while watching fireworks. 

Baby safety first. :-)

Junebug had a bowl full of snap and pops and she was in heaven. 

Brothers facing off with fireworks. 

love this one. 

The next day we headed back to Meade for Aunt Zelma's Birthday

Such a happy lady! 

Playing at Bunny and Papa's house. 

Trying hard to pull her brother,

but had to switch off. 

He sent her down the hill and tried very hard to get her back up.

Decided it would be easier to push, but Junebug wasn't so sure about it. 

Mr. Hunter got very brave and decided to check out Auntie Libby's tree house. 

Getting a little braver.

By the end of the day he was hauling apples up there for the squirrels.

Last weekend we threw Bunny a surprise birthday party, a princess party to be exact. :-)

She was very surprised.

Bunny with her grand babies. 

This week Mr. Hunter and Kota Bear have swimming lessons. 

And sweet Mr. Mitchell called dibs on my babies again. :-)

Not only did we luck out with Mr. Mitchell but Mr. Hunter got Miss Makenzie (Mr. Mitchell's sister) too! These two amazing kids, and Mr. Logan, the other brother :-),  have made all the difference in swimming lessons for our Herd. We are very lucky to know this sweet family. 

Kota Bear didn't quite love swimming lessons the first day but I'm sure he will come around. :-)

And today the Amazing Mr. Mitchell got Mr. Hunter to go off the board, with a little help of course, but this is huge for our big guy!!!

So that has been our summer in a nutshell. The fair and demo derby are this week so stay tuned, hopefully I will get that post up before the month is over! :-)