Fathers Day

June 15, 2012

While checking out one of my favorite blogs, I can teach my child, this morning I stumbled on a very adorable idea for Father's day!! Now her "play shirt for daddy" is a whole lot better looking than ours so be sure and check hers out for a cleaner more crafty looking shirt. 

On the front of our shirt we put a very useful target for all those Nerf gun fights, water balloons, and whatever else we decided needs to be thrown at The Hubby. In the original she has very sweetly spent time sewing on the target. It's the Friday before Father's Day, we live out in the country, and i have a very fussy baby who is teething, and I didn't want to run to town to get fabric. Oh ya and I don't sew.....So we just went with a good ol' sharpie. 

It would have been nicer sewing on the target but, i don't believe I will ever actually allow The hubby to wear the shirt in public so an off centered hand drawn target works! :-)

For the back I drew the road for our matchbox cars and then let the kids have fun. I have a feeling The Hubby will get many a race car back rubs with this shirt. :-)

Mr. Hunter added another lake with a shark. 

Junebug put on the finishing touches adding "princesses" where she saw fit. 

The finally product! 

I also had the kids fill out this cute little questionnaire that I found on pinterest. It was very sweet to hear what they had to say about their daddy!  

Hope everyone has a good Father's day!!!

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