June 25, 2012

Last week Miss Junebug had swimming lessons....which I was a little nervous about. You see here lately you never know what attitude you are going to get with Junebug. We went to the pool on Sunday before swimming lessons and it took her 30 minutes to even get in. 
I had no clue how swimming lessons was going to go.

Luckily a dear family friend claimed Junebug as his swimming buddy and all my nervousness, and Junebug's, was gone. 
Mr. Mitchell very sweetly let Junebug take her time.

She spent sometime washing the frog slide,

and practicing her kicking,

and washing the big slide

and kicking in deep water. 

By day two she was dressed to impress and ready to go!

To say she had fun with Mr. Mitchell would be an understatement.

Mr. Mitchell was so sweet that he even hid the pink cup that Junebug liked to play with after ever lesson so that she would have it for the next day. :-)

Look at the kicking! She was a pro.

On the final day they got the option to go down the big slide which I was certain Junebug would never ever do, but she did! 

I think this picture is to sweet! Mr. Mitchell let Junebug partake in her favorite pass time, people watching, and she very sweetly tucked her arm around his. When she got out on the last day she said "Mama I had fun!"  Thank you Mitchell for being such a good lifeguard, and we will see you in July for the boy's lessons! 

Fathers Day

June 15, 2012

While checking out one of my favorite blogs, I can teach my child, this morning I stumbled on a very adorable idea for Father's day!! Now her "play shirt for daddy" is a whole lot better looking than ours so be sure and check hers out for a cleaner more crafty looking shirt. 

On the front of our shirt we put a very useful target for all those Nerf gun fights, water balloons, and whatever else we decided needs to be thrown at The Hubby. In the original she has very sweetly spent time sewing on the target. It's the Friday before Father's Day, we live out in the country, and i have a very fussy baby who is teething, and I didn't want to run to town to get fabric. Oh ya and I don't sew.....So we just went with a good ol' sharpie. 

It would have been nicer sewing on the target but, i don't believe I will ever actually allow The hubby to wear the shirt in public so an off centered hand drawn target works! :-)

For the back I drew the road for our matchbox cars and then let the kids have fun. I have a feeling The Hubby will get many a race car back rubs with this shirt. :-)

Mr. Hunter added another lake with a shark. 

Junebug put on the finishing touches adding "princesses" where she saw fit. 

The finally product! 

I also had the kids fill out this cute little questionnaire that I found on pinterest. It was very sweet to hear what they had to say about their daddy!  

Hope everyone has a good Father's day!!!

Still Here!!

June 5, 2012

I did not mean for an entire month to go bye since my last post!!! Summer has quickly snuck up on us and we have had to jump in with both feet!!! So here is an extremely long post filling you in on all that has happened in a month!

Mid May The Hubby had a fund raiser down at The Green Property. A kids obstacle course was on the agenda and Junebug came dressed for success!

There was a log walk across the river,

a tire run,

tunnel crawl,

a princess tunnel crawl :-),

hay climb,

and everyone's favorite the mud run.

It took Junebug a bit to decided if she wanted in or not. 

Kota bear had no problem deciding! :-)

We went through the course quite a few more times. 

Mr. Hunter realized that you didn't have to actually go through the whole entire course to play in the could just simply stay in the mud. So he did. 

Junebug finally got in but stayed close to her daddy.

Making mud pies. 

Little Kota Bear was ready for a nap.

My biggest mud monster. 

And a princess mud monster. 

And a sleepy mud monster. :-)

The Hubby had just as much fun as the kids.

The best part of the day was taking a "river bath" to clean off. Mr. Hunter is certain that a "river bath" is the only type of bath that is needed. 

A few days after the obstacle course The Hubby had all four impacted wisdom teeth removed......... Everyone is still alive and accounted for...and that's about all I would care to say about that! :-)

Towards the end of May it was time for Mr. Hunter's end of the year preschool graduation.
He was very handsome! 

His cheering section.

Singing songs with his class. 

Getting his certificate from his teacher. 

Smiling at his fan club! :)

There was a bird flying around the gym. He is pointing to it in this picture but seconds before he was pretending to shoot it. :-) Mr. Hunter lives up to his name once again! 

End of the year picture with his teacher. He had such a blast in school and he has already asked many many times when these "stay home days would be school days". 

We can't go back to school yet though because Mr. Hunter has also started his first year of Tball! 

In our town this first year is more of a clinic with parents helping the kids learn all the basics of baseball. 

First of many chain link baseball pictures! :-)

This weekend we finally made it back to my home town to get little Kota Bear baptized.  Our pastor has baptized me, married me, and baptized all my babies so it was very special  day!

Kota Bear and his sponsors. I completely forgot to get a picture with the rest of the family that attended, but thank you so much to all the family that came and shared in his special day!!!

A good family picture is getting harder and harder to get! 

And tonight Mr. Hunter had his first night of Vacation Bible School!! Here he is singing the songs. 

And listening to the bible story. For those of you who were wondering yes I completely stalked him from room to room to make sure he was doing ok. 
Hi I'm Laura and I'm a helicopter mom, I like to hover.
Hi. Laura.

His first VBS craft project. Since we have been home he has been singing "Awesome and Amazing Jesus Christ!", and my heart is happy. 

So for any who are still reading that was our month in a nutshell! I promise not to go another month without a post.... I hope! :)