Campfire, S'mores, and Catfish.

May 7, 2012

Last Saturday we got a wild hair and decided to take a "quick" camping trip with the kiddos. Three hours later we were finally packed up and loaded and drove the 30minutes to the lake. :-)

Sweet little Kota Bear. 

We have a new puppy, this is Jessie, but that's a whole different blog!!

Playing in the tent.

Mr. Hunter was super excited to eat the hot dogs that he helped his daddy make. 

Kool-Aid mustaches.

They kids were pumped to be able to use their hard hat head lamps that they got from Nana and Grandpa. 

We will never camp without these!!! They were hours of entertainment, and we didn't have any fights over needing a flashlight!  

Junebug singing her tinker bell song. 

And of course when camping you need to bring a bag of books. 

Late night story readings. 


Junebug sneaking into the chocolate....she totally ate her weight in chocolate....she is totally her mother's daughter.

Kota Bear was getting a little sleepy....

but not so tired that he couldn't try his first S'more, which he loved!

This is the best picture I got of the "super moon".  It was pretty spectacular.  

Someone found his way to the big bed.

Sweet Junebug crashed hard.

So did Kota.

Early the next morning getting the fire started again. 

Breakfast with the boys.....Junebug was still snoozing. 

He loved early morning campfire breakfast! 

Miss Junebug finally graced us with her presence :) and we did a little family fishing before we packed up. 

It was a very quick, and sometimes stressful :), but a wonderful camping trip!

Once we got home the hubby decided that they didn't get to fish enough so Mr. Hunter, Junebug and their daddy all headed out to fish and came back with this! Two of which Mr. Hunter caught all by himself, and yes Mr. Hunter is wearing pj's to fish in....apparently it works! :-)

May Day

May 1, 2012

Today we went out and dropped of some May Baskets.

Mr. Hunter started his "run away run" way before he even dropped of the baskets. 

And this is just about all the hiding Miss. Junebug would do. :-) She likes to socialize more than hide! 

He had the hiding part down. :-) 
Happy May Day everyone!