My Peeps

April 13, 2012

We had a pretty awesome Easter weekend filled with Easter egg hunts, candy, family time, chocolate, church, candy, a wonderful Easter lunch, chocolate, and then a little family fishing....and some more chocolate. 

I think he had to unload his basket twice he was getting so much candy. 

Junebug showing off her loot. The Hubs dressed the kids this day which is why everyone is in camo,

But Junebug knows how to accessorize so it worked. :)

Iuka Buddies

Easter morning

Oh Junebug.... I love you :)

Yes my baby has a sunburn on his sweet face...and yes I did the same thing this time last year...

See. Poor Kota Bear...I am now carrying sunscreen with me everywhere. 

Happy to report that a peep made his sunburn better!

Hunting eggs at Nana and Grandpa's house.

Finally we ended the weekend with a little fishing,

Which always makes my babies happy!

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  1. Colton's face with the Dr.Seuss book is Priceless! LOVE IT!!! :)