Weekend Fun

April 25, 2012

After the cloth diaper change we went to stay at my sisters for a little cousin fun.

Junebug and Sweet Caroline, two peas in a pod!

It was awesome weather so we spent a lot of time outside.

Playin a little hopscotch.

Little babies in a tub.

As soon as Mr. Hunter found out that we were headed to Auntie KK's house his first question was if he could take a bath in the BIG bath was more like a swim! :)

After baths Bunny and Auntie Libby were on bedtime story duty.

The kids had a fun day and crashed hard. 

But they were ready to go first thing in the morning!

On Sunday the Hubby came to join us so we could have a little family day.
We started out at the Great Plains Nature Center and went on a little hike to see what treasures we could find. 

It was a little chilly so it was a good thing Junebug doesn't leave the house with out her blankie. :)

The boys found half of a blue robins egg....

And we watched the baby ducks....

It was a very relaxing little place...we could of stayed all day. 

Hauling my little backpack baby. :)

We checked out the turtles on the logs...

We took a little picnic lunch in the truck since it was to windy to eat outside and headed over to visit 

Nana, Junebug is positive you need to plant your flowers like this. :)

Underneath the rainbow at the kids garden.

The kids LOVED the gardens!

They watered plants,

And played in the "country kitchen" which Mr. Hunter said "was only for kids, not moms".

They climbed on the ladybugs,

And played the drums.

They spotted the tree house,

Mr. Hunter slowly got up the nerve to walk across the bridge.

It took awhile but he did it! 

Junebug looking for Mr. Hunter, she panicked a little once she realized that it was someone's mouth she was climbing into. :)

There was dinosaur bone digging,

and snooping in the "borrower's" houses.

The little houses were pretty cool.

We painted rocks in a cave.

The landscaper in my Hubby checked out the flowers

Then it was on to the Ant station where they sent water down the leaves to the Ant house. 

Sweet Kota Bear just chillin. 

Another flower/butterfly picture that the Hubby took. 

Papa these next two pictures are for you. Mr. Hunter thinks you need to up your game with your carvings! He had no idea that carving an entire tree was an option! :)

Junebug said that this was papa. :)

It was a pretty fun day, and a very quite ride home. :-)