Spring Break

March 23, 2012

This week the babies and I headed back to my home town for a little vaca with the cousin for spring break. We were also back to celebrate Papa and Mr. Hunter's birthday with my sisters (the aunties weren't able to come to the spider-man party)

Before the party festivites started the kiddos played outside for a bit.

And picked lovely weeds  flowers for Bunny.

After the kids couldn't run around anymore we officially started Papa and Mr. Hunter's birthday party with a pinata. 

We didn't have a blindfold so Mr. Hunter improvised with his new hat. :)

For Uncle Matt's safety we decided that a stick would be the safest tool to use! 

After a few hits he actually knocked a piece of candy out then it was down hill from there. He found the pull cord and the candy went flying,

And the little girls came flying in! :)

After the fun outside we came in to party a little more.

Thanks Aunt Debby and Jennifer for the table! The kids love it!!

This weekend Auntie Libby taught Mr. Hunter that "the that way" here he is demonstrating.

The birthday boys. I hate that the flash is showing in the picture but it was just to cute not to share. :)

Mr. Hunter about fell over dead when he pulled out his happy napper  from Auntie Libby. He has been wanting one of these since Christmas! 

Papa got a bunch of his favorite "never foods" which he very sweetly shared with the little girls. The rest of us had to sneak them! :)

Auntie KK gave Mr. Hunter a spider-man outfit for Blackie Bear he absolutely loved it. I know that because Mr. Hunter told me that Blackie Bear said that. :)

Can't you just tell that Blackie Bear loves it, and that Lucky (the name he chose for his Happy Napper) loves his new home? I know that Lucky loves his new home because Mr. Hunter told me that too. :)

And this girl just loves cake, she takes after her mama.

The birthday boys blowin out the candles.

She loves cake too, she also takes after her auntie. I'm happy to pass on that love. 

And this guy just loves birthdays.

Kota Bear got to have a practice round for his up coming party. He is almost 1. I can't believe it!

Sweet Caroline enjoying a lazy morning coloring.

I guess toast tastes better at Bunny's house. :)

He is growing in to such a boy now...not a little kid anymore!

Junebug was excited to see that Bunny had princess crowns at her house too. This girl is obsessed with anything and everything princess.

It rained most of the time we were there so we decided to take a little trip to the town museum.

Finally before we left Mr. Hunter got to go out with Auntie Libby and run in the water! 

Which was freezing but you get to do silly things on spring break right?!

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