March 11, 2012

Well my baby turned 4 today. 

I still can't believe it. 4
Since everyone has been sick we kept the party small and just had some family over.

Nana didn't disappoint and made another amazing birthday cake! Mr. Hunter about fell over when he saw it! :)

The Spiderman spread

Having some quality time with buddy before we opened presents. 

Junebug took full advantage of Granny Greats lap. :)

Kota Bear taking it all in. Pretty soon big guy and it will be your party!

Baseball glove!

Real workin tools to help daddy and grandpa.

An Eagle friend calendar.

A Spiderman of his very own.

Granny Great MADE Mr. Hunter his very own hat, which he wore to bed. :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Hunter happy birthday to you!

Really?! 4?

Little Miss Junebug had her princess doll smooching on the fireman. Goofy Girl!

Kota Bear took over Granny's lap while Junebug was busy.

Playing with Grandpa.

Building with his new tools.

It was a great little party and by the end of it Junebug was handcuffing papa! Thank you to all the family for coming and completely spoiling him,and Nana for making the great cake!!! (which I am going to have for breakfast!)
Happy Birthday Mr. Hunter!!! We love you!

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