March 30, 2012

This isn't quite what I had planned for Friday but this is what I'm doing. 

Apparently my mama should have put me in ballet class instead of my sister. I obviously am the one who needs to work on my gracefulness! Last night we were leaving the house I was holding Kota Bear and Mr. Hunter and Junebug were in front of me, they had already made it down the stairs. There are 2 stairs that come off our porch...2. I now know that it only take 1 stair (or missing 1 stair) to make your foot look like this..... (warning it's not normal looking!)

(this was last night shortly after it happened, I will spare you the unwrapped picture from today)
First off Kota Bear is perfectly fine! I landed on my big ole' hiney still holding him perfectly secure and he was laughing and signing "more" so he thought it was a fabulous ride, no worries! :) After a trip to the ER and a call back from our doctor this morning my ankle is fine (no break) but my foot x-ray had some '"abnormalities" so doctor told me to stay off it... which upon hearing I busted out laughing.  :) So this is what i am up to today. Thankfully my wonderful husband is staying home today and my in-laws have been helping out with the kids, my mama is coming tomorrow to help and discuss the possibilities of getting me into a ballet class as soon as I can walk. :)

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  1. hope you are better soon! :) and if i were you - i would enjoy the "time off" as much as possible.