Country babies like to play in the mud.

March 23, 2012

Yesterday Mr. Hunter and I saw a picture of some of Mr. Hunter and Junebug's friends playing in the mud, and in true Mr. Hunter fashion he begged that we could go play.  So our dear friend Hallie (the friend's mommy) very sweetly obliged and let our Herd come to take over her house! :)  

The boys wasted no time and jumped right in,

and the girls were busy making mud pies and bringing their gabbing mama's "hot cups of coffee"

So sweet to see the girls growing up into such classy mud lovin ladies! 


He was having a blast!

Yes little Junebug has a mud mustache, she was in heaven. :)

Before bed tonight I asked Mr. Hunter what his good part/ bad part of his day was. His good part was playing in the mud with his friends, his bad part was having to leave his friend's house. :)
Hallie we had a great time today!! Thank you so much for letting us bombard your house. :) It's nice being able to gab with another mommy of 3, and I can't promise that next time it rains you won't find us on our doorstep! :)

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