Birthday Party

March 3, 2012

On Friday we headed to my sisters house to have a little birthday party for the birthday girl. My kids were very excited to see Sweet Caroline! 

Big 2 year old girl!

Birthday hugs

This boy will be 4 in eight days....I'm not ok with that.  

"hi" kota bear :)

Chillin out and having a little snack before the rest of the guests arrive.


This just might be my favorite picture of Sweet Caroline! :)

Junebug is cutting some more teeth and wasn't feeling so hot,

but after a little cuddling with her daddy she was good! :)

We had such a fun time at the party none us of wanted to leave so we ended up getting home pretty late. 

Junebug partied so hard she didn't wake up until almost noon today and spent most of the afternoon munching on cheetos and wearing her shades....I wonder if this is a sneak peek into what her college years might look like! :)

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