Girls Weekend.

February 23, 2012

I have been meaning to write this blog all week. I have been working on washing and putting away (which is the annoying part) the mountain of clothes that has taken over our house and finally have come up for air so in an attempt to ignore the now mountain of dishes that have taken over the kitchen I decided to blog! :)

(disclaimer: I forgot my camera so I had to take all the pictures with my phone, opps!)

Auntie Libby came down Friday night and took Mr. Hunter out on the date (that he asked her on) to the pizza hut. 

While they were there Mr. Hunter learned super important things like how to make your straw paper grow into a snake. All the super important things that his mama tells him not to do when we are out to eat. :)
That's that good things about Aunties I guess! 

Then early Saturday morning Auntie Libby, Junebug, Bunny, and myself loaded up to go meet Auntie KK and  Sweet Caroline for a day at the womens fair.
The little girls were troopers while we were checking out all the booths (which I forgot to take pictures of) so  they got to have some well deserved cotton candy.

cheese :)

Junebug crashed as soon as we left the fair. It is hard work checking out all the latest in hair accessories!


Auntie Libby is always the funnest one.

the group minus Bunny (she was taking the picture)

It was so nice to have some one on one time with Junebug. That doesn't happen near as often as it should so it was nice to get some girl time in. But I will be honest every time we left anywhere I panicked thinking that I left the boys. It is a strange feeling only leaving the house with 1!

A group picture this time with Bunny


Bunny (also known as my mama) Myself, and Junebug

After lunch we did some shopping and then finally ended the day with some ice cream. It was such a fun day! I think we need to a girls day once a month, mom and sisters are ya in?!

After we got back to town Bunny and Auntie Libby had a special treat planned for Mr. Hunter. He got to have a sleepover in the hotel, without mom or dad. It was a big deal! :)  
Last weekend was a weekend full of fun, but I'm glad tomorrow is Friday so we can have a weekend to rest! :)

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  1. looks like a great time! i do look forward to mom-daughter days with julia. glad you had a day out with just junebug. :)