Winter Water Balloons

January 6, 2012

Mr. Hunter has been begging to play with water balloons. To him as long as the sun is out it's warm enough to play in the water. Since I don't follow that rule of thought I looked to one of my favorite blogs to see if she had anything. And wouldn't you know it she did! Play at Home Mom has some awesome activities for all ages and even had an idea so Mr. Hunter could get his water balloon fix.

The big balloons just have air in them, but the smaller ones are filled with the  colored tables that change the bath water different colors.We used the sesame street fizzy tub colors.

Mr. Hunter does pretty good with scissors so with supervision i was ok with him  using them. I didn't want to make a trip to the ER so i didn't let Junebug use the scissors but she was perfectly fine letting bubba pop the balloons while she laid on the other ones. :) So if you don't want your babies to use scissors no big deal they will still have a lot of fun!

The kids didn't know I put the bath fizzy's in there so they were pretty 
excited to see the balloons had different colors.

I saved two "special" balloons for last that I filled with the  water beads. They had a blast chasing them around the tub! If you decided to do this just make sure when you let the water out none of the beads go down the drain. ;)

Fun was had by all, I promise Junebug thought this was hilarious!! :)

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