Were going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

January 20, 2012

The Hubby was off on Monday so we decided to meet my sister's family at the zoo.
An hour drive can turn pretty crazy with 3 babies excited to see their cousin!
We wasted no time when we got there and headed straight for the monkeys.

The little girls were very very impressed with a certain baby at the zoo.


Our group of monkeys.

Mr. Hunter was certain he was as big as his "Eagle Friend".

These two were a hoot the whole day!

A little lunch break.

Kota Bear needed a nap.

Look at that dad! :) 
Under the blanket the Little girls were suppose to be napping..

However when we peeked in they were holding hands and giggling. :) 

A little snack break at the tigers.

Checking out the "Eagle Friends"

I think this was the penguins.

I love this one.

They didn't want to stop and take a picture for fear they would all fall asleep.

But Uncle Matt is just to funny not to smile!

Checking out the turtles.

This one is for Aunt Libby, Libby these bad boys would have given you nightmares!
(the turtles, not Mr. Hunter :)

He saw an alligator.

Oh Junebug, of all the crazy things that were in this tank she spent the whole time following a catfish back and forth. The Hemphill fishing gene runs deep in this one. :)

Such a handsome bull rider.


These sheep swarmed them!

The Hubby called on his Uncle duty to try and get Sweet Caroilne to feed a sheep,

she wasn't having it.

But there was no hard feelings, she sat up there and kept his ears warm. 

Sweet Caroline playing with the "rockers"

Poor Junebug lasted as long as she could.
We had a wonderful time with Auntie KK, Uncle Matt, and Sweet Caroline. My babies have been asking to go back and see you guys everyday this week! :)
These next pictures aren't in any way related to the zoo but I had some special guests at dinner tonight.

Cookie Monster! 
Just so we are clear, the purple skirt was being worn up under her arms as a top, she has a red skirt on under the purple one. The nice things about skirts as top, they easily slide down at dinner so no bib is needed. :)

Junebug though Kota Bear needed one too so he got to wear the Big Bird hat.

Granny Great has made all of these for my babies. :) 

Oh Junebug. :)

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