Sunday Fun Day

January 15, 2012

Everyone is finally feeling a little better around these parts and today we were actually able to do something other than lay around in our jammies. Well I'm still in black yoga pants but between the hours of 8am-8pm they are pants, after that they are considered jammies. :)

On the list for today was to work on Mr. Hunter's school "family project" for Kansas Day. 
Mr. Hunter had the box turtle that we needed to decorate.

These boys had everything out, beans, sawdust, rocks, grass, I offered a little sparkle to the table fully thinking Mr. Hunter would not go for it. He likes things to "look right" as in turtles in real life don't have glitter.
Mr. Hunter was very specific at where he wanted things. and The Hubby and I tried very hard not to cramp his creative style. :)
We made a pretty fabulous turtle if I do say so myself
 After nap we went outside for a bit.
To say we "like" Elmo at our house would be an understatement.

Mr. Hunter found bones, which he wanted to show to his brother and sister.
Is 10 months to young to start talking about the circle of life? :)

Oh the joys of country living!

A little family walk with a couple of the dogs.

Which turned into our dog Sue pulling Mr. Hunter.

And he loved it. :)

"good girl sue sue"

 Oh the joys of country living are good for the soul. :)

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