Princess Party

January 3, 2012

 On Thursday we had a little Princess Party for this
sweet little curly headed girl.

Nana did it again and made and amazing birthday cake for one of my babies!

Junebug was very excited when she saw her princess!

She thoroughly enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday.

Nana's cake was a hit!

Some family and friends who came to the party.

Granny Great made Junebug this beautiful poncho!

Isn't it amazing!

Mommy and Daddy gave Junebug a new cowgirl hat...

And some new boots.

Love her!

Playing with her very own computer so now she doesn't have to
swipe Mr. Hunter's.

Took a little break in the party to enjoy some "Hot Coffee" with her Bubba.

Sweet Caroline :)

Uncle Nic and Mr. Hunter playing Papa's new hunting game.

Playing barbies with Nana.

"Hot coffee" with Grandpa

Topping off Papa's hot coffee.

I promise she wasn't spitting in Papa's coffee, she was blowing on it. :)

In her new nightgown.

One last picture with mom before heading to bed.

Thanks Uncle Nic and Miss Heather for the new blankie, 
she loves it!

Miss Heather also gave Junebug some fingernail polish so we 
we all got our nails did the next morning. (Yes my son has blue toes)
Best mani I've ever had :)

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  1. I love reading your blog and seeing your love for your babies come out through your words and pictures!