Cowboys, The Flu, Walmart, and Movies...

January 27, 2012

That pretty much sums up our week this week. It was long, and busy, lots of laundry was done, and the carpet was scrubbed numerous times.

It was "H" week at Mr. Hunter's school and on Monday a special cowboy brought his Horse. So all of the kids got to come to school in their best cowboy gear.

We forgot to grab the cowboy hat from Papa's house that Mr. Hunter wanted to wear so he had to settle for his mama's old cowboy hat. For those of you who don't know I use to be quite the cowgirl when I was like 8 :). We almost had to call Granny Great to see if we could borrow one of Grandpa Greats hats. Mr. Hunter wasn't completely convinced that the hat would work since it wasn't worn by an actual cowBOY but it all worked out, and Granny Great we have you on speed dial for the next cowboy hat crisis! :)

Checking out Hollywood the Horse.

Such a sweet little cowboy.

On Wednesday Mr. Hunter was nailed with the flu. Luckily it wasn't near as bad as last year. In case you forgot you can read about that fiasco here.

Kota Bear is cutting 2 teeth so he decided not to sleep on Thursday night.


Today I got to drive the semi trucks of shopping carts around Walmart.

it was a blast....

I like little sisters in hand me down wranglers. 

This afternoon we had a picnic with The Hubby at work.

And tonight we had Sunday Supper (popcorn, apples, cheese, veggies, summer sausage) and watched movies.

Junebug danced with Cinderella 

And now they are all in bed, not sleeping but they are in bed.
It was long week thank goodness it's over.
Happy Friday! :)

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