Christmas # 2 and a Happy New Year

January 6, 2012

The day after Junebug's birthday we had our Christmas with the Hubby's side of the family. The day started out with an intense game of t-ball, some bike riding, and some "kick ball".

After a wonderful meal it was time to open presents. Yes the tower of presents were almost taller than my children. They were very spoiled. :)

Mr.Hunter got his very own "blanket with holes" from Granny Great. Which he is very very protective over.

Junebug and her Elmo, she is very very protective over it. :)

That is Junebug at the top of the picture (wearing Nana's dress as a toddler) and her Nana at the bottom. Poor Junebug can't tell the two apart! :) 

Junebug trying out her new bath soap...minus the bath.

It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one fat lip. She was fine, but since grandpa was holding her she milked it. I think a chocolate bar finally made it better. :)

The kids wasted no time trying out their new gifts.

I didn't get any actually pictures of New Years Eve, I was to busy eating all the treats if you wanna know the truth. So here are some pictures of our first day of 2012.

Happy 2012!! 

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