3 under 3

January 4, 2012

A dear friend just told me she was pregnant with her 3rd which would  give her 3 under 3, 
so she asked if I had any advice or tips. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard 
at the fact that she thought I was with it enough to have "tips" i got to thinking about what would have
 been nice to know prior to our herd growing so quickly. So dear Jess, and all you other soon to be mom's of 3 under 3, I present you with my list of,

"Would of been nice to knows". 
1. Leaving the House:
       You can't, not alone anyways. Trust me. You will try to prove your supermomness and venture to the store real quick to grab a jug of milk, we have all tried it, but it will only end in tears and when you finally get home you will realize you forgot the milk. Do not I repeat DO NOT go anywhere by yourself with all 3 until the older two fully understand and agree to a candy bribe. The only exception to this rule  "would have been nice to know' is if you are going somewhere that you don't have to leave the car and all 3 can remain buckled in their carseat. 
2. Never underestimate the power of a carseat.
         You will never ever get 3 sleeping kids out of their seat and into the house without waking up. Keep driving. Gas prices are never to high that you won't drive around for hours just to keep kids sleeping. Have a stash of your favorite cd's and something to munch on stored in the van at all times.
3. You will now drive a VAN.
          You will go through a grieving process and that's ok, but in the end you will love your van more than your third not more than your third child but you will love it more than just about everything else. 
4. Your Van aka Giant Diaper bag.
          Keep and extra everything in your van. Clothing for your children, yourself, your hubby, an extra t-shirt to give to a stranger that tired to help but your kid puked on them. Diapers, wipes, food, drinks, toilet paper, steal the puke bags from the doctors office and keep them in there, dish soap, EVERYTHING. Trust me on this there is not a diaper bag in the world that will hold everything you need for 3 kids. Remember you are hauling stuff for an infant, toddler, and a preschooler. You have bottles/nursing supplies, sippy cup and toys, and potty training items. You are pretty much trying to fit 3 humans in a bag and wear it on your shoulder. I know this because I own every diaper bag ever made. If you think you are up for the challenge call me, I will send you whatever bag you think will work and you can try it out, but you will fail. Sorry to be so tough on you but I say this because I love you. 
5. 10pm-11:30pm
           This is now your power hour. You will grocery shop at this time, you will shower at this time, you will finally get a minute to talk to your husband, you will eat breakfast/lunch/and dinner at this time. Power Hour is amazing. 
6. Black Yoga Pants
            Have a pair for ever day of the week. You can sleep all night in the chair holding a baby wake up late   and wear them to a doctors appointment and no one knows you are wearing your pj's.  
7. Nail polish.
           As a girl you want to at least feel pretty, as a mom you don't have the time. You will never ever have time to let your nails dry before someone needs you. Even if you wake up at 3 in the morning, someone will start puking and you will smudge your nails. Sally Hansen makes these bad boys that you just stick on (not like fake nails) it just looks like polish but you don't have to wait for them to dry. It's wonderful.
8. Make it work.
          With 3 under 3 you will do things that you would never ever do with just one child, but you do it to survive and that's ok. You will no longer steam clean a binkie that fell on the floor once....or twice, you probably won't steam clean it at all. When the 3 year old that you are potty training pees the bed at nap time and you just finally got the other two to sleep you will simply throw a towel over the pee spot and add an extra blanket and put them back to bed. 
9. Your House
         Will never be clean. No really....never....
10. Find other mom's with 3 under 3
          You can find them at the store during power hour, they are wearing black yoga pants.

Ok now that I'm sure I scared the pants of everyone I want everyone to know that having 3 under 3 is absolutely wonderful. Your babies will always have 2 built in best friends that they will love deeper and have a bond stronger with than anything you have ever seen. You will laugh all the time partly because you are sleep deprived and partly because you are just plan shocked that you made it though another day but laughter is laughter and you will take it any way you can get it! :)

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  1. This is wonderful!! I laughed out loud. Seriously, I admire that you are even able to keep your sanity- I dont think I could. I'm practically pulling my hair out with just 1 child under 3!