A week in the life.....

December 14, 2011

Get Ready for a whole lot of random that is our life :)

The NFR (national finals rodeo) was on all last week,
so these two spent a lot of 
time "riding" their bulls.

it's serious business.

these two thought it was pretty awesome too. :)

We had some cold days so this was the remedy to 
burn off some energy.

Train table top slides are pretty fun.

milk and cookies with daddy

As I was getting stuff ready the other morning I ask Mr.Hunter
to write his name on his sack lunch (not really thinking he could do it)
He came back with his name....I didn't believe him so I made him do it again.
He is such a stud. :)

Mr. Hunter got to go deer hunt with his daddy.

Such good lookin hunters.

Baby boy got to have some spaghetti.

It was a hit.

And it landed him in the bath.

love little bath babies

brother love

Sorting through clothes and toys for 3 kids results in
an explosion.
(that took me 2 days to clean up)

but the kid's rooms are finally clean and sorted.

remember a long time ago we I showed you this sneak peak.

Well TA-DA!! Daddy and Mr. Hunter made Junebug a bed! which she loves!

And that was our week. :)

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  1. love junebug's bed! and how grown-up is colton??? writing his own name - WOW! Hope you're enjoying the craziness of the season. :)