Tis The Season....

December 3, 2011

For small town Santa. 
 I'm so glad that our babies are able to grow up in a small town
where you are able to run across the street to give Santa a hug. :)

Just a brother picture, Junebug still wasn't to sure about Santa.
She did however come into the room with him 
without screaming "No Santa!!!"

We even managed to get a family picture, Junebug and all. :) Actually 
by the end of the morning she was blowing Santa and Mrs. Clause kisses and giving
high fives. Maybe next year she will even talk to him, one can dream right!

All the Santa action made junebug take a pretty 
hard nap, resulting in some pretty awesome bedhead.

Love them, love this time of year.
Stay tuned for decorating sugar cookies, hot chocolate, gingerbread houses,
and lots of art projects!