Poor Kota Bear

December 20, 2011

Little Bear doesn't feel good. After spending the night running a
fever and sleeping in the chair with his mama we
knew a trip to the doctor was on the agenda for today.

As I was getting ready this morning this is where bear was. 
He just needed someone to love on him. 
A trip to the doctor confirmed an ear infection.

This evening he still needed to be held so his sweet daddy 
stepped in to take his turn. For those of you who are concerned 
about the questionable brown mixture in what looks like a weapon,
 its deer meat to make jerky and that my friends is a jerky gun. 
The Hubby is starting his 4 day bender of jerky making to feed Aunt Libby. :)

All that jerky making made Kota Bear fall asleep, and he 
slept here on his daddy for 3 hours. :)

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