December 28, 2011

Tomorrow my little Junebug will be 2. When did that happen?
How did this little baby grow up so fast?

 In two short years you have made Mr. Hunter a big brother and brought some
 much needed pink and baby dolls among all the dump trucks
and camo that lives at our house.

You have melted my heart more times than I can count.

You have gave Nana and Granny Great many occasions to display
their hidden talent at making amazing clothes for little girls.
(Nana had a house full of boys)

You turned 1

You became a big sister.

In the first two seconds after you were born you had your daddy
wrapped around your finger, and that is how it has stayed for two years. 
You are such a daddy's girl and you very sweetly alternate between 
putting make up on your daddy and playing in the dirt with him.

You have made your mama proud by choosing
chocolate for breakfast whenever given the chance.

You are wonderful at keeping Bunny and Papa on their toes,
and some how managing not to fall out of the hammock.

You make me at a loss of words many many times a day. :)

You look a lot like your daddy and brothers but every
once and a while I think you look like you mama.

But then you do something like this and you 
defiantly look like your daddy. :)

You stay close to Mr. Hunter. As much as you like to bug
him you love him a thousand times more.

You can crack Mr. Hunter up and scare the pants off
Kota Bear in a second flat.

You like to stick close to mama.

You have a style all your own.

And an attitude to boot.

This is how you sleep, every night,with every baby.

This is your pillow every night, Hunny Bunny with your lovie on top.

Junebug I can only imagine what turning two
will do to a pistol like you but I can't wait to see.
I love you to the top of the moon!

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