Food for Thought

December 1, 2011

Just some things to think about today........

Something to think about during Hunting Season:
While showering and letting your Ponds Cold Cream ( yes I use old lady cold cream) moisturize your old dry mama face it's important to at least peek an eye open to make sure you are grabbing the correct body wash, other wise you  might grab the Hunting Hubby's "Dead down wind, Body and Hair soap: destroys & controls a wide range of odors. Huntress Approved". While this say huntress approved, I do not actually approve it. It may of made me unsmellable (it's a new word go with it) to any near by deer, but I'm pretty sure that there is something in it that hunters can smell cause every crazy hunter had something to say to me at walmart.  creepers..

Preschool Resourcefulness:
When a 3 year old runs out of toilet paper anything now becomes fair game to use. Including a clean stack of bathroom towel waiting to be but away. Just in case you were wondering it takes 3 full size towel for a 3 year old to wipe efficiently

Choose your words wisely:
When putting a 2 year old in timeout for biting her big brother I encourage you to say "We don't bite. We don't bite anything, dogs, brothers (any part of them), mommy, daddy, cats, chairs, the fridge, we don't bite anything!" I do not encourage you to tell your 2 year old "we do not bite bubby in the arm, you hurt him, he's bleeding".  Because when she gets out of timeout 40 minutes later and bites her bubby this time on the ear, and you turn around and every firmly ask "Junebug did you bite your bubby?!" She is will respond "Yay!!! no bite bubby in the arm, bubby no bleed, bubby no ouchie".

Just some things to think about.....

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