Christmas # 1

December 27, 2011

Christmas # 1 was a success! We loaded up everything we own except the kitchen
 table and a pair of shoes and headed out to Bunny and Papa's house.
The Santa bread that Mr. Hunter and Nana made
actually made it to Papa's with our being 
stepped on or dropped. :)
And good thing because it was wonderful!

Bunny and Papa's house had the snow that Mr. Hunter
had been dying for! He was so excited!!

He finally got to throw snowballs which were mostly thrown 
at Papa.

Sweet Caroline and Junebug riding the sled.

Snow angle 

Helping Aunt Libby make cookies.

Heading to Church Christmas Eve.
Now this picture is extremely deceiving.
Moments after we got home from church Kota bear
exploded from both ends, and Junebug wasn't doing to great either. :(
Nothing like a little flu bug on Xmas eve.

Cowboys heading to church

Opening up Christmas Eve Jammies

Cousins with new jammies.

After a very long night with Kota bear if was finally Christmas morning.
Mr. Hunter about fell over when he came upstairs and saw his Spider Man Bike!

Junebug was pretty excited too. :)

With all the snow outside at Bunny and Papa's the kitchen was
about the only place to ride your bike. :)

Kota bear checking out his toy from Santa.

This makes me laugh, she had a mouth full :)

Sweet Caroline taking care of her new friend that Santa brought her.

Papa taking care of the sickies.

After what seemed like a million outfit changes and a thousand middle of the day baths for Kota and Junebug
we decided that we probably shouldn't venture Garden City to see the rest of the family. Which was probably the better idea since by the time we got home 2 of the 3 carseats needed to be burned. OK we didn't burn
them but they did have to be washed 3 times. 
I was very sad to not get to see the rest of the family and all the babies! We missed you guys!!!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
Stay tuned for Junebug's Birthday Party!! 

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  1. looks like a great time - except for the sick bug. hope you still had a great Christmas... and found a little sleep for yourself. :)