A weekend for the boys

November 13, 2011

Before I start in on the boys weekend I have a few pictures that I have been needing to post but can't seem to get them into any post. 
So here are some randoms :)
Last week, early one morning Mr. Hunter had "Doughnuts with Dad"

This made my heart very happy :) I hate to vacuum. Even after i vacuum it needs to be
done again. He likes to vacuum, this is now what he picks to do. 

sleeping beauty 1

sleeping beauty 2

no so sleeping beauty

at all

not even almost. it is truly a good thing he is so cute!

OK and now for the boy's weekend

it was opening weekend for pheasant and this boy was pumped!

Thank you Hubby, Uncle Nic, Grandpa, Mr. Justin, Mr. James, and Mr. Brent
for letting this little guy feel like one of the big boys.

How awesome does this boy look rockin his Mama's vest, that's right I said 
his mama, daddy isn't the only who knows how to shoot around here.  
(notice I said nothing about aim) :)

love this

3 generations of hunters

Mr. Hunter had a wonderful weekend and I hope the rest of the boys did too, it's not every day that they are 10 feet tall in the eyes of a 3 year old. :)

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  1. very cool! i can't wait until ben starts heading out with jake. :) and thanks for the sweet comment. i only feel HUGE! hope you can stop by when she arrives.