Turkey Day

November 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!
We had a jammed packed weekend full of family and amazing food.

we started off making some yummy treats

and then a delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner with cousins

kota bear refused when it came time for naps, even though his daddy
really wanted one.

Junebug ran out barefoot to go play with the big kids.

playin outside, it was beautiful out.

that evening we loaded up and went to town to walk through 
the park and check out the lights

a picture with a moose for Aunt/Grandma Lu

cozy babies :)

a picture with the dragon

the next morning we tried really hard to get a cousin picture.
we almost got it! :)

I spent most of my time lovin on this little cutie!
Don't just want to smooch on those sweet cheeks!

it was hard to contain youself

After everyone got their kisses in we loaded up and went to my hometown
to hangout with my family.

lots of Pat a Cake was played (this was throw it in the air) :)

and cuddles with the cousins

and kissin cousins :)

then we bundled up once again to go see the lights and santa at the park

while we were waiting the girls destroyed  looked at the lights

and the boys played football. Mr. Hunter was in heaven! He keeps wanting to 
know when his "best buds" are coming back. 

this sweet little one snuggled right in and went to sleep on my aunt.
he slept right through the firetruck sirens, Santa and a small down pore, 
only to wake up and snuggle (inside) mike's jacket.
Aunt Debbie and Mike I hope your arms recovered from holding him all night! :)

here he comes!!!

I didn't get any pictures of the kids and Santa. Mr. Hunter was the only one who
went near him and it was raining so no pictures. 

I was able to snap a quick picture of Mr. Hunter and Mr. George.

and they even let him try on the hat, this was almost bigger than santa! :)

after we got home and everyone changed into dry clothes we attempted a another cousin
picture. I'm beginning to think my kids are the ones who make "cousin pictures" difficult. 

watching morning cartoons

helping papa cook "papa eggs"

enjoying a little outside time.

ring around the rosie

Junebug wasn't diggin the all fall down part.

I would like to note that he FINALLY after about 5 month
has gotten his double chin back!!!

another view of the chin. it's small but its there!!!

After a pretty quite car ride home we decided we would get our Christmas decor out..
Waiting for mom and dad to get out all the boxes.
If you are needing a sweet gift for a little boy I would definitely recommend this one.
It is such a sweet book, they also make one for little girls! :)

but sisters like this the boy version too! :)

I got this gem of an idea from pinterest 

The kids love it, and it's kept them from pulling everything off our tree!

This boy has played with it for hours! :)

Sorry for the picture overload, hope you all had a fun weekend too! :)