October 30, 2011

I may have gone a little overboard with the Halloween spirit :)


I tried to get a siblings picture........

this is the best I got..... :)

Also this weekend Nana and Grandpa came over to carve pumpkins

Thanks Nana and Grandpa, we defiantly needed your help tonight!

Happy Almost Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch

October 28, 2011

Today we were able to sneak away to the local pumpkin patch and enjoy a little time as a family. 
Since we went on Friday afternoon and all the school kids were still in school we pretty much had the park to ourselves. It was wonderful!

Such a little cowboy, love him.

These two were certain that we needed a bunny to come home.
I vetoed that.

He loved the little baby goat.

The kids and I all wanted to take this home.

The hubby vetoed that. :(

This picture cracks me up! So nice of the horse to join our picture!

Trying to hard to climb to the top like her bubba

she did it :)

She talked her daddy into taking her down this slide

He was trying so hard to go as fast as he could! 
These guys were getting some speed too!!

Junebug and daddy last year and this year.

Mr. Hunter last year and this year, and yes in the same coat. I didn't realize it was so big on him last year!

On the hay rack ride to get pumpkins

Notice the scowl on Junebug's face. Every pumpkin her daddy showed her
she said "I no like it dad!" 

Mr. Hunter found his perfect pumpkin

And here is the one Junebug finally "liked". Apparently orange pumpkins
are so last year. :)

Enjoying a little snack after finding our pumpkins

this one makes me laugh too :)
They didn't like how loud the pumpkin launcher was. 

The hubby was workin late tonight so the kids and I deemed it movie night.
We first started with the Lion King and popcorn.
Which was way to sad for my tender hearted Mr. Hunter.
He kept telling me that "simba is heartbroken cause his daddy died"

So to lighten the mood I made little bits of heaven and we watched Rio
(in case you were wondering: pretzels, hugs, and candy corn m&ms)

so we dined and watched movies

and in true Hemphill fashion they are ending the night watching the hunting channel and waiting for their daddy.
It was a very wonderful fall day and I'm happy to report I am now in the Halloween spirit. :)