Camp Out

September 29, 2011

Last weekend was wonderful, which is why i sorta fell off the blogging grid. We all crashed hard this week after our family camp out.

The weekend started off with us celebrating National Hunting and Fishing day, and since the hubby works
for wildlife and parks it was only natural that he was on the relay team
all the teams, and our babies getting told all the rules

love these fall mornings and getting to get all the cute little
jackets out

they hubby's part of the relay was the mud run,
and according to Mr. Hunter "daddy is super fast!"

the end result

watching the canoeing part of the race

After an outfit change for the hubby we were on the road to meet up with the rest of the
family to start our weekend family camp out!

after the long car ride the babes needed get the stink blown off and have fun with
cousin Caroline and the aunties...and bunny and papa of course

sweet Caroline checking out our tent

can't you just hear me yelling "don't jump on the air mattress!"
cause I was :)

these two were so excited to sleep in the tent

just chillin

testing out their cots

telling stories with papa

cousins playing with their babies

kota bear getting in some papa time


sweet Caroline played hard and was ready for bed

hanging out by the fire in your jammies, this little boy was in heaven.
ready for bed, there was lots of giggles coming from the tent that night :)

yes I know I look COMPLETELY HORRID  in this picture but
this was a very sweet "mom moment" at 5 in the morning with my boys. so just
look at them not me :)

early morning brought hot dogs for breakfast

and snuggles by the morning fire

and awesome bed head from sweet Caroline....

and junebug.

birthday cake for breakfast (she wasn't awake for hot dogs)

she didn't mind. :)

neither did he

after a very nutritious breakfast we headed to the playground, still in jammies

thumbs up

watching the big kids....

everyone thought it was a wonderful morning

junebug for this brief second did not think it was a wonderful morning, we didn't realize
the slide was wet. oops!

watching the big kids some more, one day soon
big guy I promise

there was some coloring, the stroller was the only place we could keep the
girls without us having to worry about them in the fire :)

doesn't he look just like a big preschooler!

junebug and daddy heading back from some father daughter fishing

papa loves all his grand babies

and kota bear gives kisses now too!

then sadly it was time to pack up and head home.

I'm ready to go again, what do you say family....see you all back at our spot tomorrow night?!

Little Stink Pot!

This evening I got a bath started for Kota Bear. As I was stripping him down for a bath
someone who was not Kota Bear jumped in. Someone jumped in with clothes on and sippy cup in hand.
Lucky for me I was able to catch this certain someone.

Laundry and bath for Junebug... check.