So far behind....

August 25, 2011

Ok I have been slacking on the blog so here is one ginormous completely random post :)
I have no idea why kids both on the same night decided to sleep with toys,
but they both had their bed full.

As I was busy cleaning the living room these two were suppose to be putting toys away
I think they misunderstood :)

Random lazy Sunday pictures
The hubby and hunter went fishing that morning so junebug and I
decided to play dress up

watchin his big sister dance around the room

this boy is going to eat me out of house and home, he is currently
(at 5 months old) eating 2 jars of baby food with rice added 3 times a day,
and taking 6oz bottles (with rice) in between. The food stays down but the bottles...
the bottles are another story. he is doing better with the throwin up....or maybe
we are just getting use to. :) (and no he isn't throwing up because he is over eating,promise :))
here is a sneak peak at what mr. hunter and the hubby have been working on.
a special little surprise for miss junebug

this guy had all kinds of smiles for his daddy, but as soon as he spotted the 
camera they were gone...stinkpot! 
mr.hunter found toad in the dog's water dish...

he was a little to nervous to touch it and wasn't about to be out
shined by his sister :)

junbug getting her baby ready for a walk, and yes this baby is bigger than
kota bear, and yes i have panicked seeing big baby laying on the floor thinking it was kota bear.

such a little mama

walking his dog

flowers for his sister :)

it is impossible to get a good picture of this little guy, he is constantly on the move
rolling all over the floor trying to catch up with brother and sister.

 this morning was another big milestone in the herd household. with mr. hunter
starting school we have been getting all our check ups in and today we were
headed to the dentist.
actually he was ok with going, this face was because his mom was
bugging him trying to get a picture :)

see he's ok

i'm so glad I got this picture this is mr.hunters "look" whenever he is unsure about something
so sweet.

he was a complete stud when the doctor came in and did everything he ask!!!

it's a good thing he did so good because we have to come back :(
he had a small "candy bug" that has to get taken care of, and I feel horrible about it!!

i got one kid puking all day, another one who has started biting,
and one with a cavity......still workin on this mother of 3 thing. hopefully I will get it figured
out before someone gets an ear bit off....or before they get braces... :)

Cousin Vacation

August 9, 2011

Over the weekend the kids and I along with Auntie KK and Sweet Caroline loaded up and headed down to see Bunny, Papa and Auntie Libby
morning breakfast with all the cousins

so exciting!!!

there was some beautiful music played....alot :)

and lots and lots of orneriness

while junebug and kota bear were still napping mr.hunter and sweet caroline
got to try out a new playdoh recipe I found.

"cloud dough" 4 cups of flour and about a cup of baby oil
just mix it together until its almost like moonsand.

it was a hit and was so soft!

digging up dinosaur bones

working so hard

she got a little in her mouth :)

heading to the pool, no one wanted to pose for a picture

sweet caroline was running from me and heading to the door

in the 6 blocks it took to get there this cool dude fell asleep.
I didn't get any swimming pictures, they have changed the pool hours since I was a lifeguard
so we only got to swim for about 15 mins, but it was a fabulous 15 minutes.

the last morning we were there the aunties and mr.hunter went to get some donuts,
and mr. hunter came back with an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. So since it was
cousin vacation I decided to let it slide :)

morning naps on the porch

Junebug's vacation breakfast of choice was shredded cheese and honey nut cheerios..
goofy girl :)

everyone had a great cousin vacation :)

catching up

August 8, 2011

The Hubby and Mr. Hunter are on a date night (to get groceries) and the babies are sleeping so I had a little bit of time to get caught up on the blog. So just a heads up this is a whole lot of random!

A few weeks back we took the whole family to watch Mr. Bj in another demolition derby. Well the kids and I watched the hubby was on pit crew duty.

Safety first :)

(no mr. hunter doens't have a black eye he was playing in the dirt, shocker i know)
Luckily some family friends were there (her hubby was on pit crew also)
so the kids had a blast playing with each other!

waiting for the derby to start

we were SUPER close, which made this mama SUPER nervous

even little kota bear was wearing ear protection :)

Thumbs up to Mr. BJ for doing a great job, and giving sweet hunter his
"racing flag" which is proudly hanging in his room on display.

Mr. Pit Crew in all his cut off derby shirt glory! :)

 Ok now for the random parts....
bike rides, thanks Jenn and the boys the kids love it!!

I found an awesome blog that had an idea for bubble snakes

the kids love it!!!

a little love shove to get sister out of the way :)

I did this at playgroup too and it was a big hit! Check out her blog it really is awesome!
Well the hubby and mr. hunter are back so my blogging break needs to wrap up but stay tuned for some cousin camp pictures!